Noa Liran – Jewelry Design

Jewelry Design evolved for me out of my interest in Biology. Watching insects and plants through the microscope lens I discovered a whole world of colors, shapes and textures, a rich and seductive aesthetic world which inspired my creativity. Within a few years I found myself abandoning Biology for Jewelry Design.

My hand created jewelry is inspired by nature through my observation of its intricate shapes and colors. I use mainly silver and gold with precious and semi-precious stones. At time I like to integrate organic material into the pieces. Lately I have begun experimenting with iron and stainless steel. My use of metals is related to childhood memories - my father was a locksmith and I have land memories of watching him work.

Every piece of jewelry is the product of an individual process. Finding the right match between the piece and its owner is an important aspect of my work.

In creating engagement rings and wedding bands, my aim is to give expression to the unique personal meaning the rings carry for each and every couple.

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